WATAN concludes Financial Management in Civil Society Organizations training course

In order to build sound financial foundations in the financial sector of financial

39 surgeries carried out by Al-Marj Hospital and receiving more than 1,200 emergency cases during February.

Al-Marj Hospital, a medical center supported by the WATAN medical program...

WATAN launches the money for work project as one of the development projects in rural Idlib.

This project was launched in Dana, rural Idlib. It includes cleaning roads and public areas..

Extensive activities for community centers in Syria and Turkey in cooperation with several specialized trainers.

In cooperation with qualified trainers, the WATAN team in Syria carried out many activities in community centers.

WATAN holds a network members meeting in rural Idlib

WATAN organized a workshop for its network members at the SYAN Training Centre in Turmanin in rural IdlibThe workshop..

WATAN continues with its livestock support project within Syria

WATAN has worked on the development of livestock within Syria through many projects.

More than 250 farmers benefiting from WATANs project to support olive farmers in rural Idlib

The project to support olive farmers in rural Idlib...

WATAN completes is main sewage project (Areeha – Binish)

WATAN completed its laying down of sewage pipes project in Areeha – Binish. The project, which was supposed to end at..

WATAN concludes USAID Regulations training course

From its office in Gaziantep, WATAN completed the training courseComplying with the Rules & Regulations of USAID Awards.

WATAN schools conclude their academic year in Turkey and Syria

More than 9600 students completed their second semester exams at WATAN

Support for WATANs Zakah campaign.

Since its inception, WATAN has managed to reach more than 5,000,000 beneficiaries.

WATAN Network holds a meeting in Turkey

WATAN Network held a meeting in Gaziantep, Turkey, and was attended by twelve members in person

WATAN hosts an iftar party in Gaziantep, Turkey for over 2,200 fasting people

As part of the Bab Al Rayyan campaign launched by WATAN at the beginning of Ramadan,

WATAN holds a children's festival for 400 children in Gaziantap - Turkey

in cooperation with the Syrian Volunteer Team, WATAN held a festival for 400 children in Gaziantap


As part of its project to distribute shelter and emergency baskets,, the WATAN team in Syria